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Morn. Twilight: 7:08 A.M.
Sunrise: 7:39 A.M.
Sunset: 4:54 P.M.
Duration: 9h, 15m
Eve. Twilight: 5:25 A.M.
Visible Light: 10h, 17m

Florence Days Parade - 2006

Event Details

Saturday, May 20th, 2006: Florence Days Parade:

2006 Parade Theme: The Many Hats of Florence

2006 Parade Grand Marshal: Nikki Keller

Florence celebrates its heritage each year with a parade and lots of other activities.  The celebration is organized by the Florence Historical Foundation.  The parade continues a tradition that started with a Florence Stables Horse Parade fifty-nine years ago (1959).  It grew.

Photos of past parades: 200620052004

The 2006 parade was a very special parade so please send any photos you have.  The path traveled was from Redick Avenue to Fillmore Street.  The parade was led by the 2006 Honor Guard, the Boy Scouts Troop 20.

The 2006 parade was organized by Dick Brown of Dick's Place (for the Florence Historical Foundation), which is the barber shop in the old Toll Booth building located at 3010 Willit (next to the Bank of Florence).  The phone number at Dick's Place is 402-453-6688.