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Morn. Twilight: 6:16 A.M.
Sunrise: 6:44 A.M.
Sunset: 8:03 P.M.
Duration: 13h, 19m
Eve. Twilight: 8:31 A.M.
Visible Light: 14h, 15m

"Florence Band"

The gazebo in Florence Park, has it always been there?  Well, not the one that is there now, but there was one there back in the 1890s, and that is where these fellows showed that practice makes perfect.

Front Row: Steve Godell, A. Smith, Van Godell, Gus Bondesson, Chancy Cheers.
Back Row: John Simpson, Frank Tracy, Elmer Taylor, Jacob Weber

Enlarge view
Notice the porch support beams, under porch lattice, even the detail on the sidewalk helps to make this home unique.  This photo was made outside the Weber home at 8822 N. 30th Street.  The home you see here was moved to what is now called the Ponca Hills area and the new home built on the original lot.  The alteration of North 30th Street changed things and so the sidewalk you see here is no longer there.  Although I forgot to ask, I am guessing the photo had to been taken around the turn of the century.  Click on the photo to see an enlarged view (and extra detail).
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The gazebo in Florence Park was a gathering place of sorts, especially on special occasions such as holidays.  The Florence Band played on these special occasions, and over the years, different incarnations of the band continued to do the same, up until the time of World War II.  Due to so many needed for the War Effort, the band disbanded.

Now, take a trip up to the attic and take another look at that old brass instrument or drum and see if it looks like one in this picture.  If we can get enough pieces together, couldn't we "strike up the band" just once more?