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Morn. Twilight: 5:16 A.M.
Sunrise: 5:50 A.M.
Sunset: 9:00 P.M.
Duration: 15h, 10m
Eve. Twilight: 9:34 A.M.
Visible Light: 16h, 17m

"Potters Cemetery Site"

Located at approximately 5081 Young Street, just east of Mormon Bridge Road (48th). ((Google Maps and Satellite maps logo)) (north of Forest Lawn Cemetery on south side of Young Street)

1887 - 1957
This MEDITATION GARDEN, the restoration of the long
neglected resting place of those buried here was furnished
through the generosity and kindness of many of the citizens
of Omaha and Florence.

Particular acknowledgement is made to the Florence
Historical Foundation and the North Omaha Commercial
Club.  Gratefully acknowledged also are those who spent
their time in making the Memorial possible.

This area and resting place was re-consecrated on the 28th
day of September 1986.  The cemetery was opened in 1887
and closed in 1957 and is maintained by Douglas County

For those who know the origin of Potter's Field read
the Holy Bible Chapter 27 of the Gospel according to St.
Matthew, Verse 1 through Verse 32.

It should be remembered that this 5½ acre plot contains the
bodies of 3912 people who sacrificed their lives attempting
to explore, seek their fortune, or trying to reach their own
Promised Land.  In one way or another, they paved the
Gateway to the West, which built this City and County.

The early parts of the cemetery indicate the hardships of the
times.  There were no doctors or hospitals to care for the
injured, the sick, or the care of pregnant women on their
way to the west.
1887 - 1957
The name plate markers installed for the re-consecration
September 24, 1966 were limited to the known deceased
two years of age and older.

The babies less than two years of age total 1,180 plus 483
stillborn totaling 1,683 of which the number of babies of
unknown origin total 174.  The unknown persons total 108.
These persons include bodies found on the railroad tracks,
an unknown man hanging from a tree, bodies found in the
Missouri River or in weeds or streets of Omaha or Florence.
One woman was found in a locked trunk.  These people had
no identification.  A few were identified later and moved to
other cemeteries.  Those names have been removed from
the permanent register.

Years Stillborn
under 1 yr.
Unknown persons
or body parts
1888 thru 1847   220     344     66     37  
1848 thru 1907   119     290     26     18  
1908 thru 1917   105     272     41     27  
1918 thru 1927   24     120     29     8  
1928 thru 1937   0     81     22     13  
1938 thru 1947   6     48     0     1  
1948 thru 1957   4     20     4     4  

Further information can be found at the Clerk's Office in the
Douglas County Court House and in the Florence Library.
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