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Florence History Garden Group Photo
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Florence History Garden Group Photo
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Florence History Garden Group Photo
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"Florence History Garden" Markers

Located at 8515 North 30th Street, ((Google Maps and Satellite maps logo)) ( Omaha Google Streetview Graphic)

The Florence History Garden is completed, dedicated, and ready for public viewing.  The garden's realization came about as a result of a lot of hard work from several people interested in improving Florence's future (see list below).  The Florence Futures Foundation organized the creation of the project.  Linda Meigs helped get land donated, and Kinghorn Gardens was contracted to do the landscaping.  Daniel of Kinghorn Gardens did an especially nice job.

Several people turned out for the dedication ceremony on June 9th, 2005; click on the photo to see the group.

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The "Florence History Garden" was added to the front edge of the parking lot next to the building where the territorial legislature met during 1858.  It is a fascinating story why the legislature met in Florence in the first place.  It involves fisticuffs, intimidation, and more so read the story.

The building is owned by Dr. Steiner, D.D.S.

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Interpretive Exhibits

Funded by Mayor Fahey's

Neighborhood Improvement Grant

Florence History Garden

Created with contributions from:

Florence Futures Florence Kiwanis

North Omaha Kiwanis North Omaha Commercial Club

Mammel Foundation Connor Meigs Memorial

Mormon Trail Center Florence Mill

Notre Dame Sisters Dr. William Steiner

Big Muddy Workshop

And made possible with a Matching Grant by the

Peter Kiewit Foundation

May, 2005
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