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Morn. Twilight: 6:37 A.M.
Sunrise: 7:05 A.M.
Sunset: 6:08 P.M.
Duration: 11h, 3m
Eve. Twilight: 6:36 A.M.
Visible Light: 11h, 58m


This photo has been labeled "Generals"  but no explanation is given. It is interesting to try to read the wording on the various signs.  Notice there is even a "Drinks" sign slightly visible between the front wagon wheels.  The building in the background biggest wording is "Holsum Bread." Was that a play on words (wholesome), or was it a last name?  The sign on the right of the building says, "Harding's Hydelia Ice Cream" Click on the photo to see an enlarged view.

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