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Morn. Twilight: 6:46 A.M.
Sunrise: 7:16 A.M.
Sunset: 5:01 P.M.
Duration: 9h, 45m
Eve. Twilight: 5:31 A.M.
Visible Light: 10h, 44m

About ...

The web site

The Historic Florence web site provides interested viewers access to find out more about Historic Florence, Nebraska.  Florence has now been annexed* as part of Omaha but has not lost its individuality.  We provide this web site so you may learn about our community and its fascinating history.  The web site is also a valuable resource to the community, and to those that are interested in our community.  If there is anything you would like to see provided, please e-mail us a tip.  Our web site is years old (May 2002), it is no longer in its infancy but it will grow on its own. Still feel free to mention anything you would like to see; it will give us a ranking of importance.

The web site not only covers the attractions, the events, and our history, but it is also a great resource for the community.  We have community organizations, churches, parks, public art, and many other community resources.  We will continue to add other resources that are important to Florence.  We plan on providing a list of businesses in the community, which can help to lead you to the best in the country.

The web site continues to grow with more rich content constantly being added.  Each time you return there is probably something new that you have not seen.  If you have not already done so, make sure you visit the Help page as it explains many things about the web site that can make it easier to use compared to other web sites.  Also, the site map is a great reference as it lists everything.

We do a pretty good job of proofreading and not forgetting to run spell check after making minor changes, however, slip-ups do occur.  If you do encounter something irritating, misspelled, or just needs spell check run to eliminate the fat-finger work, you can always send us e-mail.  Much thanks to you for doing so.  Keep in mind though that we do not think that it is your responsibility to inform us of our mistakes so if you like, go ahead and enjoy the show.

Florence Futures Foundation

Florence Futures Foundation is a grass-roots effort of cooperation, industry, and a creative vision for expanding the possibilities within our far-North Omaha community.  We are a neighborhood advocacy group that met monthly for several years, and now meets every other month to explore ways to advance neighborhood identity, promote cooperation, enhance community stabilization and beautification, encourage historic awareness, develop heritage tourism, and enhance economic development.  Our mission is to preserve, enhance and promote cultural, historical, educational and community assets of Florence.

Florence Futures Foundation has organized short-range and long-range ideas into a plan called the "Historic Florence Initiative." The goal of the Historic Florence Initiative is to enhance neighborhood identity and to reverse economic decline by capitalizing on the wealth of historic sites available within Florence.  Heritage tourism can transform this unique neighborhood into a lively neighborhood.  The Territorial Garden is an important part of the "Historic Florence Initiative." It beautifies a prominent location on 3Oth Street where there are too many empty storefronts, empty lots and parking lots.  It instills an awareness of history and this community's Territorial heritage.

Florence Futures Foundation has formed alliances with other community groups and organizations: North Omaha Commercial Club, Florence Kiwanis, Florence Concerned Citizens, Florence Historical Foundation, Douglas County Historical Society, Florence Mill, Notre Dame Sisters and Seven Oaks, the Florence Home, Mormon Trail Center, Florence Library, Metropolitan Community College, and Florence Elementary.

Our Logo

The Historic Florence logo was designed by artist Linda Meigs, who also owns the Florence Mill.  The text is set in the Goudy Handtooled typeface, with the word Historic set in a curve over an image of pioneers pulling a handcart, and the word Florence across the bottom (straight).  The handcart is based on an image sketched by artist George Simons over a hundred and fifty years ago.  It depicts the Mormons using the handcarts as an affordable method of transferring to Salt Lake after being outfitted here in Florence.


About Florence

Florence has been a popular name for locations throughout the entire world. The most famous Florence is of course, Florence, Italy. Many cities are named after Florence, Italy. Of course, not all locations using the name Florence are named after Florence, Italy. Instead, many, like Florence, Nebraska is named after a person. In the United States, there are many places named Florence (see list). Florence is such a popular name, that every state has a place called Florence. Unlike most other locations, Florence, Nebraska is no longer an official name on the map, since it has been annexed by Omaha in 1917. Like our Florence, many other Florences like to be known as "Historic Florence" (e.g., Historic Florence, Arizona). Therefore, imagine how difficult it would be to compete for search engine rankings for a location that essentially no longer exists compared to all the other well known locations known as Florence, and especially compete with Florence, Italy. In spite of the competition, you might be surprised just how well our search engine ranking have grown since starting out on page 86. Go ahead, see how easy it is to find our web site with those two fantastic words, "Historic Florence," do the search and see.

The web developer has compiled a list of the other locations inside the U.S. that also go by the name of Florence. See the list.