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Morn. Twilight: 6:47 A.M.
Sunrise: 7:14 A.M.
Sunset: 7:43 P.M.
Duration: 12h, 29m
Eve. Twilight: 8:11 A.M.
Visibile Light: 13h, 23m

Sending images via e-mail

If you wish to send us a photo, make sure that we have the "legal" right to display it on the web.  Two separate "legal" (model release/permission to use) release forms may be needed.  We need one from you to allow us to publish the photo, and you may need one from the model, of which we need a copy.  As a general rule, if a person appears in a photo of a public performance, or of newsworthy origin (e.g., the Superbowl), then it is not necessary to get a model release.  Even if a model release is not necessary from people in the photo, we need a release from you to give us permission to publish the photo.  You can download a (model release/permission to use photograph) form from the Forms page.

If you have a digital image, you can send it via e-mail, provided that the file size does not exceed your e-mail service's limitations or our e-mail services limitations.*  If you have any difficulties, you can always place the data on removable computer media (CD, DVD, thumbdrive, etc.) and then drop it in the mail.  If you have a print, you can send it as well (we can scan the print).

Images sent via e-mail (or any attachment) don't always reach their destination, especially if the outgoing mail server imposes size limits on how much can be sent, or if the sending computer does not have enough memory to handle the file being sent.  If you have tried sending us images and the send failed or reported errors, you might want to copy them to removable media (e.g., CD, thumbdrive, etc.).

If you know how to use FTP,* then we have a location that you can load them to (there is no limitation with FTP, at least within reason).  Using FTP does require you to have an FTP account on the server, and you need to have and know how to use an FTP client program.  There are several available, and we can even give you a link to download a free one or a trial version.  They really aren't difficult to use.  You connect to a server (similar to an e-mail program), and then you either send or receive files (drag and drop even).  Nothing to it.  Contact us to let us know you need to FTP us an image.  We will send you a location to upload to.  After you have uploaded the image(s), send us an e-mail to let us know to check the results.

If you are certain that the e-mail service provider allows such a large attachment, then the problem may be that your computer is bogged down with other things and cannot complete the task.  If after rebooting and you still cannot send the file, then you will need to have someone determine the problem locally from your computer.  Feel free to check out our other FAQs to see if any of the resolutions can help.